The FARBIoTY consortium will be present at the IFATCC conference on April 28th, 2021, at 12:45 with a conference of Marc Vanhoomissen, Veramtex SA.  More information, click here:

Abstract of the presentation: Flax is known to be a locally produced fibre, mainly used for clothing. It also has however properties, especially mechanical, that can be very useful in other domains like composites. Traditionally, these products are made of glass fibres and resins, be it polyester of epoxy. A preliminary LCA analysis has already compared flax roving to glass fibre equivalents, showing a big advantage for flax. So, it seems logical to use flax to create composites. However, in some cases (buildings, transportation like railway, ships, car, etc.), the product must be conformed to specific fire norms. This is possible applying known textile techniques to flax and by applying appropriate resins.
The aim of the European LIFE project FARBioTY is to develop these composites and to assess their environmental impact, including an aging study. The results will be shown during the presentation, as well as potential new applications for flax fibres and especially fire-resistant flax.