The beginning of the project focused on the recovery of the detailed specifications of the railway beacon to be made in flax fibres composite. These specifications coming from a third party, it took some time to be able to recover those, provided that all the confidential conditions were presented, detailed and signed. In order to move forward without specific conditions related to the beacon piece and as the project aims for much bigger market, it was decided to focus on the production of the final material in general. In the meantime, when the specifications of the piece was received, the model was done as foreseen. The main characteristics of the bio-composite material to be produced are the following:

– High resistance to fire (norm HL2-R1 or HL3-R22/R23 if possible)

– Mechanical resistance:

o 5000 N with 300 N/mn at the centre

o 2000 N on the cap

o Impact resistance: ballast shot 200km/h and ice block 200km/h (3 to 5 kg)

– Thermic resistance: no fracture when quick variation of temperature (from –40°C to +85°C)